About the WAV5 Membership

Ever taken a look at your monthly cable bill and been shocked at how much it’s costing you?

Most of us want to save money on cable TV. You may have thought about it when you receive your monthly statement  as you tare into the envelope and stretch your statement open.

Do you really pay attention to the itemized charges for the package you signed up for?

What’s worse is that you probably don’t even watch a tenth of the channels you’re paying for! 

Think about it…..

How many channels are you subscribed to…26, 96, 150, 225?

Movies and TV shows that came out decades ago…and which get repeated over and over again . No wonder so many people are signed up for streaming services today. It’s less costly plus you get access to far more new content.

With us you can experience TV like never before with The Wav5 Pro Membership!

You pay 1 flat fee for your Membership.

No contract
No hidden fees
No jailbreaking needed

BUT IMAGINE…if you could cut your bill in half.

How much would you save per month, in a year, in ten years?

Take Control of Everything You Love About TV
Your TV. Your Time. Your Way!

HD Movies

Commercial Free HD TV Shows 

HD Live TV

HD Sports

Join the WAV5 Membership!

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